As a bovine specific practice our focus with the students is the education of veterinarians to meet the needs of the livestock industry and rural Alberta through enhanced skills in production animal health.


Our students will be exposed to the entire breadth of the beef industry in Alberta, ranging from the cow-calf level right to the feedlot.  Specific technical skills are taught depending on the seasonality of the industry including pregnancy diagnosis, bull breeding soundness exams, post-mortem diagnosis, common bovine surgeries, obstetrics, cattle handling and basic diagnostics. In addition to our teaching responsibilities with the UCVM, we do offer veterinary students from other universities externship opportunities when they can be accommodated in our teaching schedule.  Ride-along days are also available for anyone interested in veterinary medicine to inspire future veterinarians & technicians.

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Our externship program provides veterinary students with experience in bovine medicine, focusing on herd health. Externships are arranged in 1-2 week blocks and preference will be given to third and fourth year veterinary students.  During July and August externs will not be accepted as our case load is too low during this time.  Accommodations are not provided, although we can assist with possible options.


Bovine experience is not mandatory. Successful candidates chosen may be based on:

-Interest in food animal production


-Academic achievements



Externship positions are subject to change due to COVID-19. At this time we are accepting applications for positions starting in Fall 2021. Please send a letter of intent outlining why you are seeking this position & how you plan to use your training, as well as a current resume.


Please note that our affiliate veterinary clinics are still accepting extern applications. If you are interested in an externship in mixed animal practice, please fill out this form for Mosaic Veterinary Partners


Positions are usually available every year during the summer months May through August. Preference is given to Alberta students. Position description will vary each year, based on research or other projects that are occurring at the time, as we are typically in our slow season for medical and surgical case load.

Please send a letter of intent outlining why you are seeking this position & how you plan to use your training, as well as a current resume.

We are not currently accepting applications at this time.

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Ride-longs are available to anyone with an interest in veterinary medicine, particularly food animal production. Wednesdays are designated for job-shadowing and ride-alongs in order to streamline our high volume of requests. Ride-alongs will be able to witness daily activities of a veterinarian who works at our practice, as well as assist in lay-person duties. 


Please send a letter of intent outlining why you are seeking a ride-along & what you plan on doing with what you learn.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are not accepting applications at this time.