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The food animal world is always evolving; VETERINARY AGRI-HEALTH SERVICES LTD. is committed to providing our clients with knowledge and insight on the changing industry.


January 2021

We Moved!

After a few minor delays we are now nicely settled into our new facility. We feel the location is ideal with easy access off Dickson Stevenson Trail just north of Airdrie and plenty of parking space which was always at a premium in our previous locations....Read More


September 2019

We Are Breaking Ground!

If you visited the office lately, you have probably realized VAHS has outgrown its current location. After a long search both in Airdrie and the surrounding area we have recently purchased land just a few minutes north of Airdrie along Dixon Stevenson Trail....Read More


October 2018

Establish Your VCPR

Health Canada has introduced changes to the way animal owners access antimicrobials in order to prevent the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Going forward, your veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) will be the key component in antimicrobial prescription and distribution....Read More

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October 2018

Lameness - Easy to see, hard to treat

Elizabeth Homerosky, DVM, MSc., DABVP - Lameness is quickly becoming the most significant animal welfare issue in feedlots. In fact, a recent study revealed lame animals accounted for ~37% of all animals housed in feedlot chronic pens. An additional ~11% of chronic pen residents were diagnosed with both lameness and pneumonia. In some feedlots, as much as half of all euthanized animals were the result of non-responsive lameness. The total estimated cost associated with an animal requiring one single treatment for lameness ranged from ~$110 to $143....Read More

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July 2018

VAHS - 25 Years! est. 1993

This July marks a significant milestone for Veterinary Agri-Health Services as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Started as a one man practice by Mike in 1993 working out of the basement of his house, there have been many changes along the way.  As with many successful businesses, good timing helped in those early days....Read More

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